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Cheryl's World

I’m dancing every day that I am on this earth. I might start doing the Duck, Philly Freeze, Hustle, Funky Chicken, Smurf, Tootsie Roll,...

Cheryl's World

It’s about time to stick a fork in 2021. There were so many lessons in this year which was the first full calendar year...

Cheryl's World

By Cheryl SmithPublisher I think I will call it quits and still not understand, and still be shaking my head. I’m talking about core...

Cheryl's World

By Cheryl Smith, Publisher Davante D. Peters, aka Brotha SHAWT is a man on a mission with a heart for justice, equality and liberation....

Cheryl's World

By Cheryl Smith, Publisher Twenty-five years ago, I wanted to get friends together and have a good time, while raising money for scholarships and...

Cheryl's World

Although it has been a few weeks, the reality has still not set in. Richard Claxton Gregory, known as Dick Gregory, died on August...


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