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Gwendolyn, Shonedra, Shantrell and Glenda Redd (seated) Gwendolyn, Shonedra, Shantrell and Glenda Redd (seated)


Glenda Redd achieves accomplishment few others will in the future

Venita Ray

Superb Woman

Venita Ray is a social justice movement strategist. The Founder of Venita Ray Consulting, she served as a commissioner of the Houston Archaeological and...

Spotlight Story

Focus& Frame Eyewear allows those who require prescription glasses and those whomay not get a framed look. They are a company that believes eyewear...

Dallas Morning News

Molly Duane

DMN Stories

People with fatal fetal diagnoses are not exempt from the state’s abortion bans

Frederick Frazier Frederick Frazier

DMN Stories

The Dallas police officer and McKinney lawmaker is also expected to plead guilty to a criminal mischief charge, Will Ramsay said in an email.

Retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor Retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

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The court says she died in Phoenix on Friday, of complications related to advanced dementia and a respiratory illness.

Cora Lee Brooks


Cora Lee Brooks was born to James A. Franklin & Ruby Lee Dunn, who preceded her in death. She was a Dallas native and...

Carolyn Harper Carolyn Harper


Carolyn was born June 14, 1948, Herbert Carter Sr. and Lillian Carter in Dallas, Texas. She was the third child of five children, three...

Lisa Johnson Lett Lisa Johnson Lett

Superb Woman

Lisa Johnson-Lett is an entrusted Living Well peer supporter, mentor, educator, navigator, linkage-to-care Network Treatment Adherence and Prevention Specialist at the Living Well Outpatient...