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Top 10 Things to do for Back-to-School

By Iniya Nathan and Maya Palavali

Back-to-school season has begun, and students, after enjoying the break summer, need to get ready to learn. For those students, we’ve got some tips for a smooth back-to-school experience.

Fix your sleep schedule

During the summer, most students start to sleep later and wake up later. Now that school is about to start, students need to go to bed and wake up early to be on time for classes, and still have a healthy amount of sleep. By starting to follow a sleep schedule, students will be more comfortable as sleeping at the proper times will come more naturally to them.

Gather school supplies

Getting supplies together for the upcoming school year is essential. With all of your utensils in one place, you’ll have the tools to power you through the year. First, check if you have any supplies at home from previous years. Then, go to stores that have back-to-school sales, such as Target or Walmart. Create a checklist of all school supplies you may need and cross off each one as you go along. We recommend adding your personality into what you buy, such as a themed backpack or colored notebooks.

Go through the syllabus, textbooks and materials

At this point in time, you probably have access to the syllabus and what textbooks and other materials you need for class. Buy the textbooks or rent them. Take a look at the syllabus. Make sure on the first day, you feel prepared and knowledgeable about what’s going on.

Create study groups

Once the school year begins, you may take classes you’re unfamiliar with. Luckily, the people around you can help. As you get your schedule, gather a group of friends or classmates to meet on a regular basis throughout the year. It could be virtually or in-person, depending on which is more convenient. Create a group chat to ask questions and coordinate meetings.

Spend time with family

Finding time for family is difficult once school starts. You’re always so busy studying or with friends. If you haven’t already spent time with the ones you care about most, it’s best to do so now before another school year goes by.

Plan out your outfits

New year means new ways to express yourself. If your school permits, let your creativity flow through your style. Go through your closet to find clothing you already love and plan with what you have. Then, go out and shop ‘til you drop; however, be sure to plan outfits as you buy and spend wisely. Taking the time to lay out outfits will help you feel more prepared when school starts.

Plan breakfast and lunch

School takes up so much time out of your day, meaning it’s going to be hard to spontaneously decide what to eat for breakfast and lunch. You might not even have time to cook or buy fast-food. Planning your breakfast and lunches beforehand means instead of stressing about your next meal, you can focus on your work.
Set up your schedule

Your school schedule isn’t something you control, so take the rest of your day into your own hands. Set out a tentative schedule to follow throughout the school year. Map out each day of the week and allot time for specific tasks, keeping in mind your priorities. Then, if you can, try out the schedule you created to see if it needs any adjustments. You’ll feel much more prepared and relaxed with a set routine. Remember: you can always change your schedule to fit what you may need.

Finish any summer work

Summer reading, practice worksheets and more, there’s many different assignments you probably needed to get done over the summer that you forgot about. Check to make sure you have no assignments, and if you do have assignments, get them done as soon as possible. It’s better to come to school with everything in order, rather than working on assignments you should’ve gotten done.

Find your workspace

We all need a place to unwind while also being productive. Go out and look for a place to work after school or during the weekends (we suggest finding a quiet place in your local library or a coffee shop near you). Set aside time in your weekly schedule to visit this spot to complete schoolwork. If you want to be extra prepared, find a few locations where you can work in case your favorite place is busy when you need it. It’s always important to find comfortable places to promote productivity.

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