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My Father’s Daughter

By Maya Palavali
Editorial Page Editor

Father's Daughter
Photo courtesy Maya Palavali

The piece is about my relationship with my identity. It is about the realization I had recently of how similar I am to my father and how he is a big part of my life.

I catch myself smiling near a window pane and take a quick glance.
I see you
and whip around:
no one’s there.
I just saw you in the way I smiled.
I continue on,
arms folded.

I have begun to see you in my actions
in my words
in my mannerisms
in my expressions;
the shadow I cast is a silhouette of you.
even when you are not at my side,
I hold pieces of you within me.

I tilt my head up and close my eyes,
taking a deep breath.
I will always be a part of you
I am my father’s daughter.


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