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Maya’s Journal: The wonders of the fair

Bright lights, fried food, fun rides- what more can a kid like?

The wonders of the fair

By Maya Palavali

When I was younger, my family and I would go to the State Fair whenever we could. The cacophony of it all fascinated me.

The interesting people I would meet and stalls of games I could play were in endless supply. I would become a different person at the fair by directing my family around, yelling encouragement at random ride goers and acting like an experienced veteran.

Over the years, each one of our schedules became filled with various events and activities. As we went less and less, the gap between me and the fair grew wide.

When I first went after a while, my most favorite parts of the fair became overwhelming. The bright lights became too much and the food became too greasy. I became quiet, not like the kid I was in the fair.


My family noticed the shift and asked me about it. I had no answer at the time, but I came up with one as I went to sleep later that night. I realized that I began to think of excitement as a bad type of emotion. I had avoided the fair to focus on other priorities that, in hindsight, did not matter all too much.

I thought of myself as someone who is higher than getting easily excited. I had never noticed until I went to what was once my favorite place.

The fair made me realize that I did not want to continue living my life thinking positive emotions are not worth it. I began to work on becoming a person that I would be happy with at the start of the next day.

I actively tried to do what I love instead of listening to what I thought was socially acceptable. I have a special connection whenever I go to the fair now.

I get ready like I used to do, with sunglasses and a tote bag on my arm. I beg my whole family to go, even if it is not the most convenient.


I may not go on most of the rides or eat as much fried food, but that does not mean that my enthusiasm is less.

I am not the kid I used to be, but I enjoy it just the same. I encourage you to go to the State Fair and go on rides or eat the food; think about what you love and do it.

You will not regret it.

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