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How to Have a Productive Summer Before Senior Year

By Samara Rawls
Westside Gazette

The summer breeze brings a sense of freedom and endless possibilities for high school students. As the final summer of your high school journey approaches, it’s time to make every moment count. As a rising senior, this will be my last summer as a high school student, and next year I will be transitioning into a college student, which means I have to make the most of this summer.

Looking back on my past couple of summers, today, I would like to list three main activities high schools students can do to make their summer thrilling and productive!

  1. Join a Summer Program
    The first and most important advice I give to all high school students is to join a high school program. This can range from academic, leadership, internships, and arts & cultural programs. I highly suggest this because I attended a leadership institute program at Hampton University in my junior year. I found this program beneficial because I learned lifelong leadership skills that I still use. Additionally, at these types of programs, students can meet lifelong friends, which is a fantastic bonus. Academic summer programs are great for students because they continue to learn throughout the summer.
  2. Participate in Community
    Service While the summer is a time for personal growth, it’s equally important to give back to the community that has nurtured us throughout our high school years. Another very important activity high schoolers can participate in the summer is volunteering and staying active in their community. Students can do this by volunteering at their churches, animal shelters, and even beaches. Students can gather with their friends as well and volunteer together so that the community service will be a bit more fun! Personally, I have been volunteering at my local U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs during the summers of my junior and senior years. Serving the veterans has been beneficial for me during the summer because it keeps me active in my community and allows me to help others.
  3. Learn something new or set a goal
    Many students in the summer tend to become bored because they have nothing to do, and learning a new goal is one amazing activity to rid them of boredom. One last thing high schoolers can do to be productive during the summer is to learn a new skill or set new goals. For instance, one can set a goal to learn a foreign language, start a small business, or play a new instrument! Learning a new skill is very important because it keeps students’ minds active. Additionally, this is important because learning a new skill can have long-term benefits. For instance, having these skills enhances college applications, and even future careers. Personally, one goal I set this summer was to start working out at the gym. At first this was difficult because I was not used to it, but after discipline, I am now working out on a consistent schedule.
Samara Rawls
Samara Rawls

In summary, it is very important for high school students to join a productive program, partake in community service, and learn a new skill over the summer. I encourage all high school students to participate in these activities, even middle schoolers can get a head start. I hope you all enjoyed hearing these tips on how to have a productive summer! I know I will be taking these tips, and I hope you do too!

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