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ZWHJCOC Presents Session on How to Effectively Communicate with Traumatized Youth

Monica Johnson
Monica Johnson

Parents, teachers, and coordinators of youth programs are invited to attend a back-to-school session on how to effectively communicate with traumatized youth. This session will engage participants in discussions about helping youth express themselves and will teach creative ways to work with youth who have been traumatized by a crisis or an unexpected event. The theme for the session is “Lost Kids: Painting with a Twist.” The session is from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 11, via Zoom and in person at Frazier House, 4600 Spring Ave. 

What you will learn:

  1. How to effectively communicate with children who have been touched by life’s traumas and circumstances.
  2. Parents, teachers and youth program leaders will experience painting with a twist
  3. An opportunity to connect with an experienced vendor who can assist you through the process. 

Presenters are Monica Johnson, founder and chief executive officer of Monica Johnson Enterprises, and Desree Robinson, CEO & founder of Lost Kids.

Des'Ree Robinson
Des’Ree Robinson

Johnson has a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling and a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapist from Amberton University. She also has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from the University of North Texas, an MBA, a Master of Business Administration from the University of Dallas, a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Dallas Baptist University, and a Diversity and Inclusion for HR Certification from Cornell University.

Johnson has first-hand knowledge of the impact of unresolved childhood issues and family conflict, which was fueled by a culture of abandonment; she has taken all this education and experience from transforming companies and employees and is now using her gifts and life experience to invest in and change the lives of our most valuable resource, our youth, and women.


Robinson is a native of Dallas, born and raised in the Oak Cliff area. She is the middle child of three raised by a single mother. Desree will share her story of how art gave her the funnel to re-establish her self-worth and the value her purpose has on earth. Desree was once lost, and now she has found a life of gratitude and abundance to share with youth through M & M Beginners Art School.  M & M Arts is a time capsule of creativity, emotional healing, and resolutions through expressive color painting for The Lost Kids who cannot communicate, find rest, and have lost connection with their source of life.  She created Lost Kids in 2009 and brought it to life, she says, during the pandemic. Lost Kids is storytelling for children ages 5 and up who experience trauma at an early age. It delivers strength, resilience, and hope and leads to a pathway of overcoming fear and doubt. 

To register, For more information, contact Pamela Washington at

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