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THAT CELEBRITY INTERVIEW: Congresswoman Mary Bono and NFL’s Darren Waller

By Valder Beebe

Hon. Mary Bono
Hon. Mary Bono

Live from Palm Springs, California, into the Valder Beebe Show studios’, the Honorable Mary Bono, who was an 8-term California congresswoman after in 1998, she won the Republican nomination for the special election to succeed her late husband in what was then California’s 44th congressional district. In March 1986, Mary married actor/singer Sonny Bono of the famed Sonny & Cher duo. The Bonos moved to Palm Springs, where they owned and operated a restaurant. Sonny Bono served as Mayor of Palm Springs from 1988 to 1992 before being elected to Congress in 1994.

Mary Bono has been a long-time advocate for raising awareness of opioid abuse, and shared with the Valder Beebe Show what compelled her to get involved and make a difference beyond the statistics; the past three decades fatal drug overdoses have increased more than six-fold in the United States. This interview was special as we also welcomed NFL Tight End, Darren Waller, who himself struggles with addiction. Darren, described his journey with Opioids as “hitting rock bottom.” In 2017, Darren failed his second drug test and nearly overdosed on a pill that was possibly laced with Fentanyl. Since then, he has been at the forefront of the nationwide fight against the opioid epidemic. Bono & Walle rpublicists provided text in conjunction with the Valder Beebe Show

VBS: Hello former Congresswoman Mary Bono and NFL Tight End Darren Waller. Darren, you have been a longtime advocate, raising awareness about opioid abuse, what impacted you to get involved?

DW: I was hooked from the start, because I could soothe my anxieties and fears with opioids. Yet this ruined a lot of opportunities for me. Then, I overdosed right before my third season in the NFL. I was just suffering and spiraling out of control trying to get free by myself.

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CMB: I want parents and children to know the signs. Get professional help when you suspect or know that your child(ren) are using opioids. The first signs ……..

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