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Crockett Votes Against Default On America Act

Crockett Votes Against Default On America Act

WASHINGTON – Today, Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett (TX-30) voted against the Default On America Act. This extreme MAGA Republican legislation presents Americans with a terrible choice: either House Republicans will wreck our economy or inflict cruel cuts that hurt everyday people.

“My constituents know that when they don’t pay their bills, they get their lights turned off. House Republicans are acting like they’ve never lived through that experience – and their threat to default on our national debt if we don’t make massive cuts to essential federal programs puts the financial security of every American at risk,” said Rep. Crockett. “I’m ready to act now to prevent a default on our debt, continue our historic deficit reduction, and responsibly invest in America WITHOUT cutting SNAP, Head Start, Medicaid and other programs the people of my district depend on. This is not a game, and I will not give in to political blackmail at the expense of my constituents.”

By refusing to act now to prevent a default, House Republicans are threatening an economic disaster that will devastate everyday Americans. In TX-30, an extreme MAGA Republican default on our debt would:

  • Double the unemployment rate;
  • Threaten the retirement savings of 88,000 people near retirement;
  • Put Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans Affairs health benefits at risk for 251,000 people; and
  • Jeopardize Social Security payments for 67,000 seniors.

But the Default On America Act is no alternative. In Texas, the extreme House Republican scheme would:

  • Threaten access to food assistance for 53,000 people aged 50-55;
  • Eliminate preschool and child care for at least 27,400 children;
  • Increase housing costs for at least 39,700 people; and
  • Make college more expensive for at least 587,900 students.

House Democrats have already cut the deficit by historic levels and President Biden’s budget reduces deficits by $3 trillion more over the next 10 years while investing in America – lowering costs by making child care, health care, and housing more affordable, supporting better schools, and strengthening our infrastructure.


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