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Dallas Sisters, Meshell Baker and Daphne Baker, Organize Marathon Event, Organization for Entrepreneurs Who Are Also Family Caregivers

Caregivers United Resourcing Entrepreneurship Community (The C.U.R.E. Community) Launches on National Caregivers Day

Caregivers United Resourcing Entrepreneurship Community (The C.U.R.E. Community) Launches on National Caregivers Day

On the left, Daphne Baker, and Meshell Baker, on the right.
On the left, Daphne Baker, and Meshell Baker, on the right.

Today, National Caregivers Day, co-founders Meshell Baker and Daphne Baker launched the Caregivers United Resourcing Entrepreneurship Community (The C.U.R.E. Community). The network aims to provide a platform for entrepreneurs with caregiving responsibilities, offering support, advocacy, practical resources, and understanding to those who need it.

To celebrate National Caregivers Day, The C.U.R.E. Community is hosting five interviews on Facebook Live with members on February 17th, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm CST. The interviews will feature members sharing their experiences as caregiver entrepreneurs, discussing how they have found the strength and resilience to pursue their passions while caring for loved ones, and how The C.U.R.E. Community has provided them with the resources and support they need to succeed.

Interviews include:

  • Lisa Hurst, chief creativity officer of Improv to Grow
  • Mary Sue Dahill, founder of Work Smarter Digital
  • Paula White, author, and founder of Side B Consulting
  • Prashant Sheth, founder of MyOrgWorks
  • Reginald Ryder, author, and founder of Thrive Life Coaching

“The C.U.R.E. Community was founded to make it easier for entrepreneurs to balance their caregiving responsibilities with their businesses,” said Meshell Baker, The C.U.R.E. Community co-founder, author and award-winning speaker. “It aims to provide resources and support that can help caregivers identify and support local needs. By providing networking and mentorship opportunities, we hope to change societal attitudes and create an environment that is more supportive and inclusive of entrepreneurs with caregiving responsibilities.”


The sisters behind The C.U.R.E. Community, Meshell and Daphne, have first-hand experience with the challenges of being an entrepreneur and a caregiver. Daphne has sickle cell anemia and is legally blind. In 2013, Meshell became Daphne’s full-time live-in aide and caregiver, and soon found it challenging to maintain her Biotech Sales Rep role, leading to her resignation. When Daphne’s illness progressed, Meshell relocated to Dallas to be her live-in aide and share caregiving responsibilities with her parents.

There are different types of caregivers, including family caregivers, professional caregivers, independent caregivers, private duty caregivers, and informal caregivers. Some are not always paid, which is why it is essential to appreciate and thank them for their long-term commitment.

The idea for The C.U.R.E. Community came about after Meshell returned from traveling to speak and sat on Daphne’s bed, wondering where other caregiver entrepreneurs and their persons with disabilities were. She recognized that caring for Daphne was more than she anticipated and wanted to unite, collaborate, and support other caregiver entrepreneurs.

The C.U.R.E. Community invites everyone to join in celebrating the incredible work of caregivers everywhere and to learn more about the community and how it is making a difference in the lives of caregiver entrepreneurs. In addition to the live interviews, resources and tools for caregivers and entrepreneurs will be shared, as well as ways to get involved with The C.U.R.E. Community. A free vision board party for caregivers will take place on Saturday, February 18 at 12-2pm CST. Interested parties can register here: The party will allow entrepreneurs to reignite their passion and generate business, alongside experts curated from the community.

With the launch of The C.U.R.E. Community, the sisters hope to unite potential and unleash possibility, building the largest community of caregiver entrepreneurs who collectively make everyday life more beautiful and beneficial.


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