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That Celebrity Interview: Sir John Barnett and Beyonce from Disney’s The Lion King

Passion is the fuel of dreams. Daily, add passion to your life to conquer the unbelievable mountains that appear on our journey. How to have more passion? Spend time in quiet meditation; be grateful for all that God has given you (what you call the good and the bad). Now spend time envisioning your goals, dreams and desires. Make visioning a part of your daily life.

Sir John Barnett is a makeup and color artist who reveals and transforms, inspired by the essence of his clients’ natural beauty. A consummate visionary, Barnett uses the power of cosmetics to exalt women to their highest impact. While working with Pat McGrath and Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup teams during Fashion Weeks in New York, Milan and Paris, he quickly built his reputation for creative use of color. Barnett has had the privilege to work with some of the most sought-after fashion and beauty industry professionals from Mario Testino to Steven Meisel to Naomi Campbell.

In fact, it was at Tom Ford’s first womenswear show in 2010 where he was introduced to Beyoncé and granted the opportunity to work with her. Shortly after, Barnett began working with Queen Bey on everything from album art to music videos, concert tours, the Super Bowl and a history-making September Vogue cover in 2018. Having fallen in love with the incredible imagination and storytelling of Disney’s original The Lion King in his youth, Barnett’s connection with the film and the world it takes place in was further heightened when his work took him throughout Africa.

In partnering with Luminess Cosmetics, known for their high quality & innovative products, Barnett was able to create a limited edition collection for director Jon Favreau’s all-new The Lion King. The collaboration has created a oneof-a-kind makeup collection featuring highly pigmented formulas with colors curated from the African landscape to create equally stunning day and night looks. The highly-pigmented rich formulas all come together in hand designed etched packaging, inspired by the iconic scenes and characters from the film. -Text provided by Sir John Barnett’s publicists.

VBS: Sir John, I am so excited to have you in the Valder Beebe Show studios to share with my audience about Luminess Cosmetics launch of a limited edition collection inspired by Disney’s The Lion King.

SJB: Valder, as you are very familiar with the new Lion King, Beyonce’ playing the part of Nyla and me, Sir John, have the privilege of applying her make-up. I asked myself who could live up to this opportunity and do it well? Luminess Cosmetics is my answer. Luminess Cosmetics, I’ve always used them. I like their packaging; branding and the colors themselves are luminescence.

VBS: You are a master of color. What do you see that we do not see?

SJB: When I see a woman I don’t see the woman, I see beauty, in all women from the hues of the complex of Nicole Kidman to Lupita Nyong’o.

VBS: Sir John, applying make up on a star is “up close and personal.” Tell me about this unique opportunity that you have with Beyoncé or Queen Bey as you know her.

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