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MY TRUTH: Don’t Believe me? Just Watch!

This was definitely a week of victories and defeats! Black men were dominating the headlines, which gave many an opportunity to witness how low and how high we can go when taking on or taking out a Black man.

Last year around this time, we were preparing to announce our Person of the Year. I felt then and still today that we made the right choice in selecting Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders of Jackson State University (JSU).

He wasn’t chosen because there was an expectation that he would stay forever, instead it was because during the time he was at that HBCU, he elevated the program and others, addressed a number of systemic issues and called out inequities for the world to see; and he gave many hope and the courage to speak up and do something! If folks said they had no idea about the disparities or double
standards when it comes to HBCUs, Coach Prime ensured that ignorance could no longer be used as a defense!

Now everyone knows!

Years ago someone said gone are the days when coaches would amass the number of victories at one school that Grambling State University’s Coach Eddie Robinson did; and don’t even think that John or Debra will work more than five years in the same job in corporate America or anywhere. If you get one year, you can get mad but you’ve got to get over it!

These are definitely different times and add the after effects of COVID. Wow!

Seeing how passionate folks were about the Coach leaving reminded me of LeBron James and Cleveland Fans.

The arrogance of these Black men to decide their own future! Heck, if Coach Prime lost two games, there are some JSUers that would have been calling for him to be fired!

You know loyalty on the part of fans only goes so far! Anyway I know one person that slept better on Tuesday night, and that was me!

First I reconciled that no matter what, people were going to be in Coach Prime’s head, heart and pockets; causing many to avoid dealing with their own actions or inactions.

Secondly, Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) was victorious. And now the work, the real work begins.

Which brings me to my truth.

While Coach Prime is no longer at JSU, JSU will always be a part of him. As an alum of the greatest HBCU, Florida A&M; I know the depth and scope of influence that is forever part of your DNA.

JSU will continue to benefit from his tenure, just as other HBCUs are benefiting from his efforts, and his display of the many possibilities. He showed those who didn’t know and now it is up to them to take the baton (playbook) and go to the next level.

Just as he elevated HBCUs, I expect to see Black coaches benefit from his stint in Colorado. Don’t believe me? Just watch!

I know there are some disappointed folks. Actually there are many disappointed folks.

I challenge those folks to channel that energy into how they can move the needle because the burden should not fall on one person.

And for those in Georgia. Well, clearly there are some issues that need to be discussed. The election exposed all the dysfunction of politics.

Folks said it is time to get to work, and I agree.

Sen. Warnock has six more years.

We have even less time because everyone should have gotten up today determined and committed to ensure “never again!”

Every elected official should be held accountable and whether you voted for them or not, it is up to you to get up and get involved. A silent voting electorate is almost as deadly as a non-voting electorate.

With the win in Georgia, which gives Democrats a majority in the Senate; Vice President Kamala Harris is freed up to make some strategic moves that are necessary for 2024 victories.

And if you just feel a need to beat up on someone, why don’t you take a look at some other targets ripe for the choosing?

Can you say Brett Favre?

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