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The Black Card: Big Mama Said Trust God Then Get Busy Doing The Work! Trust Needs A Tribe.

By Terry Allen
CEO 1016 Media Founder, Sister CEO Small Business Camp

So, what does it look like to trust in the Lord? Big Mama said Trusting in the Lord means we do not worry. She said,” God knows everything you are going through at this very moment so do you work to bolster that trust. She said do not stop doing what you are doing and surround yourself with the same mindset” Recently, I was sent home during this health and racial pandemic has caused us to abruptly shift and pivot how I accomplished work. In the beginning, I stumbled yet persevered. I even wrote about it in my column, “We Have Traded in Our 9-To-5 For A ‘Virtual’ Overtime.”

I felt isolated but safe at home. I knew I was high-risk, so the safety was more important than the isolation and the self-care anxieties after. As a Board member on the National Associations of Black Journalists, many of the members begin calling and emailing nonstop! Why? They wanted information on how to pivot. How do we protect ourselves and our jobs? I scrambled and created responses, webinars, and surveys linking media members to other members. Then I lost family to COVID-19. I had to figure out what to do or how to grieve. On those days who belonged to my tribe became clear! I had to support “virtual” funerary practices. I had to keep an entirely African American family within acceptable social distances. Big Mama’s statement, “Trust God and do the work” rag in my head. She also had me read Philippians 4:6-7. My Tribe came forth and Big Mama’s advice rang true.

Then it happened in the middle of the COVID-19, I ended up in an emergency then in surgery that I was told would be one and a half hours that ended up being five hours. I woke up and my Tribe was there. Fear set in quick. Because of COVID-19, I chose to heal from home so I was given some heavy pain meds so, during one of my pain med-induced days, I heard Big Mama say, “Baby you trusted God to send you home and you will be ok”. My tribe called me and showed up just as my place flooded and my electronics were short-circuited. Again, Trust God! So because of Big Mama, I know I must do the work, wait, and trust God. Thanks, Big Mama! Thanks Tribe! Have you ever been stopped by matters out of your control and chose to trust God?

Please email me at the paper and tell me about it.


Terry Allen is an award-winning media professional, journalist, and entrepreneur. He is also the founder of City Men Cook and 1016 Media.

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