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MY TRUTH: To Text or Not to Text

Have you ever had serious regrets? Wondered if you could just have another chance?

You have all the answers, don’t you? After all, hindsight is 20-20 and oh what you would do if you had a chance for a do over. Now some may ask why I didn’t write this column a week or two ago, and that is a very good question.

My answer is, better late than never because hopefully you will get a chance for a do over as Father’s Day approaches.

Which brings me to my truth.

Sometimes I just really don’t have a good feeling about texting. Back in the day at Paul Quinn College I would tell my students that they couldn’t text me because I knew I would be editing their messages instead of paying attention to the message.


Then too, I told them there were special times they could text, but don’t waste time with messages telling me you’re going to be late for class, especially when you are already 15, 20, 30 minutes late.

Finally, identify who you are because you may not be locked into my phone so I don’t know who to respond to if I deem your text worthy of a response. Now Father’s Day is approaching and we know that Dads don’t get the love that Moms do, but here’s something for you to consider with either parent.

  1. First pick up the darned phone and call! – I know you are busy but just think about it. If you are fortunate enough to have a mother or father that you have deep love, affection and respect for; if you outlive them, one day you are going to long to hear that voice again! There are so many who wish they could have picked up a phone any day, and you have a parent to call and you send a darned text! Shame on you!
  2. Have your signature if you do text! – You may say it is a display of love to friends but if they don’t have you locked in their phones, for whatever reason, like they have a new one, or lost their contacts; well it can be awkward! I wouldn’t want to respond “same to you” to someone who is saying “Happy Mother’s Day” to me, only to find out that the well-wisher was either a man, or worse, someone who wanted to have children and couldn’t!
  3. No one is that busy! What comes around can go around, and I guarantee you that you won’t like the feeling if and when you’re a parent!

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