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MY TRUTH: Thanks Dr. Haynes

Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, lll (1)
Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, lll (1)

This weekend, Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III will be honored at the celebration of his 40th Pastoral Anniversary.

I met this esteemed, prolific, thought-provoking, enlightening, well-versed, educated and dynamic young man when he was a student at Bishop College in the early 1980s.

He had swagger back then! And he could slay you with swagger and words!

While I can talk about all of the degrees he’s attained and the countless hours of research and studying; there’s so much more I can talk about when extolling the virtues of Dr. Haynes.

Now this is not to discount those degrees at all. He has earned the letters that appear in front of and behind his name.


Of the utmost importance has to be his heart, however.

Which brings me to my truth.

As a child I liked going to school for “Show and Tell.” I still remember one of my teachers, Mrs. Meisel, who always said, “I’m from Missouri, the show me state, so you have to show me!”

I guess I have combined the two memories as I go through life.

Now this may not be the best analogy, however I have long said that a lady of the evening doesn’t have to tell you who she is; she shows you!


Well, Dr. Frederick D.Haynes, III does not have to tell you who he is. You see it in his walk, his talk and his actions.

This man walks a walk that is on the right side of history. He speaks truth to power and he is committed to the cause.

His walk is not an easy one. There’s always someone who thinks they can do better or has to give their input on any and everything that he does. There are those who want to constantly compare him to the Almighty versus comparing him to the alternatives.

As not just the pastor of Friendship-West Baptist Church, Dr. Haynes has done so much for so many and he should be uplifted and supported; as well as celebrated. He has spoken out and up for those whose voices were either muted or ignored.

Dr. Haynes has been a voice for so many who may never know that he was doing it because he did what he did without a lot of fanfare. Instead of seeking accolades and adulation; he sought justice and salvation.


While he is not seeking cameras and microphones, Dr. Haynes realizes the responsibility he has as someone who can command the attention of the cameras and microphones.

Without Dr. Haynes, many of our issues or concerns would not be addressed. For this reason alone, I say “thanks.”

We need more who are able to use what they have for the benefit of others. We should pray for those, like Dr. Haynes. And we should all say, “Thanks!”

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