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Transportation Provided for Students to Take In-Person Assessments for Dallas ISD

Dallas ISD schools are administering beginning-of-the-year assessments through September 30 so teachers will know exactly what students needs are. 

Students are encouraged to take the assessment on their campus, though they do have the ability to take the assessment from home. Pre-K and senior students will not be assessed in September. For families that choose to have their students take the assessment on campus, Dallas ISD is providing transportation for the in-person assessment. For additional information on the assessments, please contact your school’s main office. 

Shuttle stops can be viewed here.

Here’s how the process works if your student is in grades K to 11:

  • Families will be informed by their campus of the student’s scheduled date and time
  • Transportation shuttles will be provided to the nearest neighborhood school, for students; if students are dropped off, parents will not be allowed inside the campus
  • Meals for all students will be included
  • The time on campus will last about three hours
  • All social distancing protocols will be followed, and students and staff must wear masks inside the school
  • Campus staff will proctor the tests in small group settings, to further ensure safety protocols are met


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