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I said I am Black, Black-ish, Blackity-Black.

I hate to do this but it’s also been a long time coming, and I know that like change, nothing is going to happen if someone doesn’t speak up.

First I will say that if you are not Black, you might think you need to move on, but if you have the sense that God gave you; you’ll keep reading, make the necessary edits and holler when hit!

Now Black folks, get pissed if you will but if you’re feeling a certain way, that too shall pass.



Which brings me to my truth!

Years ago, I belonged to an organization of Blacks, Asians, Hispanics and Native Americans and it was a very rewarding experience because I was there to learn and I did.

To be authentic and accurate, there were also Anglos involved.

During the entire time we learned about one another and grew together; sometimes having some very tough and revealing conversations. When it was time to choose menus, not once did we eat at a Soul Food or African Restaurant.

Maybe Drs. Stacia Alexander, Brenda Wall or Greg Carr can analyze that ; although I have my theories.


We ate at Thai, Mexican, Italian, Indigenous restaurants, to name a few. And we experimented and at least seemed like we enjoyed the meals; even some delicacies!

But you weren’t seeing anyone picking up a drumstick or scooping up red beans and rice, yams or, clutching my pearls, some collard greens!

I asked about the choice of restaurants and the response is not worthy of ink space because we know how we can get at times. Black business owners, do you seek out other Black businesses to support?

Those working at HBCUs, when hiring or seeking talent, do you think that those who are from predominantly White institutions (PWI) are better, do you pay attention to alums and potential candidates only after they have been validated by others?

In a nutshell, I am asking all of you, DON’T YOU REALIZE THAT ALL ICE IS 32 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT?


I am talking about the height of hypocrisy and this madness has to stop. And some might say “Stop Cheryl, before you go another further,” but like I told my friend Garry Howard, “I can’t stop, won’t stop.”

So I’m all in here.

Parents, it is so wonderful that now we can send our children to any college/university in the country. It is a right that we deserve.

Now remember the time when we didn’t have a choice? Well, we proudly went to those “Normal” schools and “Negro” colleges; excelling and going on to become the greatest in so many areas and on so many levels. Then the doors were opened to other institutions, and let’s not forget there were some serious challenges; but you can walk right in today, especially if you are a superstar athlete!

I applaud any child who wants to go to college. Let’s help get them there.


But, DAMN!

Won’t you even consider an HBCU?

You name off 10 schools and you couldn’t find one Black college. Not one?


I’m shaking my head even as I write because some will pick an obscure, no name institution with .05 percent people who look like them, poor graduation rates and zero engagement after graduation, before considering an HBCU where people live for those who once only had one choice.

And don’t even talk about, “is it accredited?” Half of those reading this probably have never used the word in their lifetime except to talk about an HBCU. News flash, PWIs lose accreditation too!

This is not an anti anybody column. It’s a pro YOU column. There’s nothing wrong with showing your love for your people.

The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Harvey actually encouraged it. James Brown even had white kids singing, “Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud.”

As he launched a “Buy Black” campaign, Rev. Frederick D. Haynes III of Friendship-West Baptist Church encouraged his congregants to support Black Businesses.

We can only hope that some of those entrepreneurs had the consciousness and conscience to seek out others in the same boat.

The sad commentary is that with all the efforts across this country encouraging us to support our own, there are many who talk about wanting support and you aren’t giving it.

Many talk about not supporting because the business or school, or church is in a rough neighborhood, but they can say that because they never have to take you home to see where they grew up and still have family living.

Hypocrisy doesn’t look good on anyone.

Take inventory. If you don’t see what you want, see what you can do to get it, make it better or join with someone and BUILD it. Believe me, we’ve had enough negativity for several lifetimes. If there is any time we need to do better, now is the time.

Is there a doctor in the house?

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