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Welcome Week to Unite Diverse Communities

By Allana J. Barefield
Staff Writer 

Welcoming Communities and Immigrant Affairs (WCIA) will host a celebration for Welcome Week from September 12-30 to bring together immigrants, residents and refugees. 

“Welcoming Week is a reminder of the resilient and inclusive spirit of Dallas communities,” City of Dallas Chief of Equity and Inclusion Liz Cedillo-Pereira said.

The theme will be centered around “Creating Home Together” in hopes for diverse communities to unite. WCIA thought this Welcome Week was necessary in this climate. 

“During this historic time of COVID-19 and civil rights resurgence, we are working to bring Dallas communities together and build stronger local economies where everyone belongs,” Cedillo-Pereira said. 


WCIA officials understand that Dallas is a melting pot and needs organizations like theirs.

“Dallas is a city where nearly one in four residents are born in another country,” said WCIA’s Welcoming Officer Christina da Silva. “Welcoming Week is about bringing neighbors together across lines of difference to build relationships and work together towards shared prosperity.” 

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