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Sundays from 8am-10am: The World According to Drew
Andrew Whigham’s World is for Everyone

He’s a born leader. Whether it was in Tampa, Florida, on the campus of Florida A&M University or in the great state of Texas, Andrew has used where he is as a springboard for leading and serving. A life member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. A veteran of radio, Drew has a team of cohorts who know a little something about everything and he invites listeners in to share their perspectives. Listeners tune in for information and to be entertained. Drew won’t disappoint. You’ll enjoy the experience and your world will never be the same!

Mondays from 11am-1pm: In the Middle with Ashley Moss
Talking About Topics that Matter

Ashley is well-versed, focused and prepared. She’s coming strong with the information, interviews and intellect. Ashley hails from the east coast and she’s royalty. That’s right, the former Miss Spelman College is a scholar and with her, class is always in session, because she’s covering the entire spectrum. That’s right from inception to death and beyond, Ashley and guests will help you navigate through life. Take this journey through life. There’s Mother Nature and then Father Time, you can’t beat them but you can find peace In the Middle with Ashley Moss.

Tuesdays from 11am-1pm: Doc Shep Speaks


Dr. Felicia Shepard is back talking politics, education, health; all the issues that you want to talk about. This Texas Southern University alum is an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and she’s about unity in the community and world. She’s knowledgeable, informed and prepared.

Wednesdays from 11am-1pm: I Was Just Thinking with Norma Adams-Wade
History Class is in Session

Norma Adams-Wade is our encyclopedia, our dictionary, our Griot. Wikipedia and Google have nothing on this veteran journalist. She’s covered some of the biggest stories of her time and interviewed many who appear in history books. A founder of the National Association of Black Journalists, she’s respected world wide and you’ll see why when you tune in to hear this UT alum’s intense discussions with newsmakers and her awe-inspiring recounts of history.

Thursdays from 11am-1 pm: The Bare Truth with Allana J. Barefield
Always Audacious, Accurate and Authentic

That’s Allana J. Barefield, coming to you with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. No fake news or lies as she comes to you with an analysis and understanding of issues, people and the world, based on TRUTH. The Xavier University graduate was NABJ’s 2019 Student Journalist of the Year because even in college, and yes, high school, she has been focused on telling it like it was and is. Here’s a show even for the faint-hearted because the truth can give you what you need to achieve your wildest dreams, and the Bare Truth with Allana J. Barefield just might set you free


Fridays from 11am-1pm: From Marva with Love
Informing and Inspiring from a Special Place

Marva takes you on a faith walk as she shares her testimony and offers solutions, support and sage advice. Marva knows trials and triumphs. She knows about climbing mountains without knowing what’s on the other side and she’s been in that space when she didn’t know if that light she saw was daylight or a train coming right at her. This California girl with country, down-home girl roots is a former model who gave up her existence as a trophy wife and began a second career that has greatly enriched her life as well as those she encounters as she shares a message of love

Saturdays from 11am-1pm: THE STIMULUS SHOW

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