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A Lot to Celebrate About Dallas

Dallas is a city filled with strong and unique neighborhoods.

And one of them — this city’s vital urban core — is getting some much-deserved national attention.

A new study ranked Downtown Dallas as thenation’s best downtown living experience, saying that its “unique range of features and amenities” made it a great place “for urban life enthusiasts.”

The report went on to say that while Dallas is a “city that traditionally embraced sprawl as urban design, it’s been recently focused on adding density in an effort to increase housing options and foster walkability. This only increases downtown’s appeal for both locals and new residents, who can now enjoy a great mix of lively streets, culture and a reasonable cost of living.”

In short: Downtown is the epicenter of that Big Dallas Energy that is palpable in this city right now.


About 88,000 people live Downtown and in the adjacent neighborhoods (such as Uptown, the Cedars, and Deep Ellum). Downtown also hosts 135,000 workers. And it’s obvious to everyone that the city center has come a long way in recent years.

There’s even more great things on the way for this city’s urban core. Deep Ellum continues to diversify as a vibrant and dynamic neighborhood with new offices and retail options. The East Quarter continues to develop, and Harwood Park, which is under construction, will help connect it with the Farmers Market area. The new Goldman Sachs offices will provide a major boost to the Downtown Dallas economy. More housing is planned, including some apartments that will replace empty office space. The Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center redevelopment will activate part of Downtown that has been dormant for far too long.

And nearby, the Longhorn Ballroom’s restoration, which I helped facilitate by allocating $1.8 million for infrastructure, will help preserve this city’s storied music history while providing something new and exciting for Dallas residents.

Holding onto History

Of course, there are still many issues to address that affect Downtown Dallas in the years ahead. This includes homelessness, public safety, and permitting. And taking on these challenges will require an even more relentless focus on problem-solving.

But as long as this city’s leaders push for accountability at City Hall, the present and the future of Downtown Dallas will remain extraordinarily bright.


A trip to Princeton

Last week included a quick trip to Princeton University, where I earned a master’s degree, to speak with students about politics, policymaking, and leadership.

It was a great experience, and a great way to talk about this administration’s successes and challenges with bright young minds who will, one day soon, help shape the world.

The return to campus also served as a great reminder of how far I have come with your support and a shared desire to make Dallas a better city for everyone. It has been a heck of a journey, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the people of Dallas.

So, all to say: thank you again for all your help putting Dallas first and building for the future of this great city.


Park of the Month

The Park of the Month for January 2023 is Eloise Lundy Park in Oak Cliff!

Eloise Lundy, just south of downtown, is a 3.3-acre park established in 1915. It features a recreation center, athletics fields, a playground, senior programs, and after-school programs.

That also brings up the ulterior motive for this month’s honor: It’s a great reason to share these new photos of kids with cookies that were won in a wager — the “Tiff’s Treats Throwdown” — that I made with Tampa Mayor Jane Castor over the Dallas Cowboys-Tampa Bay Buccaneers game.

Even if the end of the Cowboys’ season left a bitter taste in fans’ mouths, this was a sweet deal for kids and first responders.


Hope that this brightened your day and that you have a great week. More updates soon.

Until next time,

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