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MY TRUTH: Just Wait and See!

Well, it’s about that time again. We are about to share who our Person of the Year is.

Coach Deion Sanders
Coach Deion Sanders

Some might argue that last year’s recipient should be this year’s recipient. And that is okay. We were proud to step out and call attention to the Life and Times of Coach Prime.

We felt then and still believe today that HBCUs, as well as predominantly white institutions (PWIs), and so many others benefited from the work that Deion Sanders did at Jackson State University.

He had the bully pulpit and he used it courageously to challenge systems that needed to be challenged and bring attention to injustices, inequities and blatant wrongs.

Of course he is going to have his critics, and so will we.


And life will go on.

As a history buff, I love being on the right side of history. In the long run, if HBCUs and PWIs have not learned anything from Coach Prime’s stint at JSU, well that proves even more that they need help and just weren’t ready for Prime Time and never will be if they don’t make some drastic changes.

As we move on to this year’s POTY, there was a clear choice because of a simple process called “Homework.” You might call it “research,” or “collecting receipts.”

You see, folks are good at talking about what others are doing or not doing or they focus on personalities over issues.

Which brings me to my truth.


We are selecting a Person of the Year for 2022.

Just looking locally I can call the names of several people we lost during 2022 and they were worthy of some type of recognition.

So many are now Black History. The books of their lives have been closed and no chapters will be added; except for those who lived a life that kept giving, that impacted others thus making their lives worthy of sharing for an eternity.

While the deceased have written their last chapters, others will be adding to those chapters because that is what happens when you build a legacy.

But what about YOU and ME?


Are we building legacies? I venture to say that our previous Persons will be remembered and talked about for generations to come and such will be the case with our next POTY

Meanwhile,we are still here.


We must ask that question.

Maybe the answer is, “it’s God’s Plan.”


Still you must ask yourself a question or two.

What chapters are we writing and who are we impacting?

Time and time again when someone dies, I have heard folks ask “why?” I’ve even heard some in their grief, say, ‘I wish it has been me.’”

Well, do you ever ask the question, “Why not me?”

And really consider an answer. Why did that good person who does so much for so many have to die?

Well, give it some thought and you might wake up the next morning with a new attitude about a lot of things, places, people; and more importantly, YOU!

And who knows? You might just be the next Person of the Year!

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