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That Celebrity Interview: Black Girls Ride’s Porsche Taylor

By Valder Beebe

My team recently learned about International Female Ride Day®, which celebrates and empowers more women through power sports. The event sponsors Polaris and Black Girls Ride join the 14th annual global event that calls on all females to “Just Ride!” Saturday, August 22, on six continents in over 120 countries. I was honored to talk to Porsche Taylor, Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Black Girls Ride Magazine. Black Girls Ride is not an exclusive racial statement, it is an inclusive celebration of all women who live to ride. You’ll find women of all ethnicities in our pages. We believe that all women who ride are Beautiful Bikers. 

That said, we are unapologetic about giving a voice to women of color in motorsports. We are often asked, “Why call it Black Girls Ride?” My direct answer is simple. There is a need for the voice of all women in motorsports, but specifically for Black Women, to be heard. We overspend on bikes, accessories, and gear, yet remain underrepresented in motorsports media, marketing, and advertising. We intend to be the change we want to see. We take pride in bringing you articles on professionals like Peggy Llewellyn, Crystal Dickerson, and SJ Harris. 

We are honored to feature living legends like Ms. Showtime, Secret the Cross Country Rider, and Suicide. We focus on the women who have endured to be simply seen as equals, highlighting female MCs that represent with Pride and Dignity in their communities. While there are levels to the MC lifestyle, allow us to cross the entire spectrum. We recognize all women, regardless of bike or club status. From 250cc to 1400cc and beyond, we believe we are all united as sisters on the ground.

VBS: Porsche, educated and my audience about Black Girls Ride. I’m fascinated.


PT: In 2011, I created Black Girls Ride Magazine, which is the premier motorcycle woman for women in power sports. The goal was to create a platform that represented women of color. There simply was not much representation in motorsports primarily, motorcycling and events of that nature. We wanted to be the change we wanted to see. What happened, there are women that ride with us all over the world.

VBS: What has been the greatest opportunity for Black Girls Ride Magazine?

PT: That is a great question. I think I (via Black Girls Ride Magazine) would be able to bring the platform to the motorsports industry to showcase women of color and our place at the table. We’ve about to showcase in social media we are a force.

To listen to Porsche Taylor’s complete interview, click here.

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