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About Your Hair: The Entanglement of Hair Damage

By Dr. Linda Amerson

Are you gentle with your hair when it is tangled? Consumers and hair care professionals should be patient and kind to your hair. Abuse and neglect may cause you to be your hair’s worst enemy. All hair textures are susceptible to hair breakage and damage from the usage of grooming tools.

• Blow dryers should be used with wattage between 1200-2000. High heat settings may cause bubble hair and severe hair damage. Remember to begin with a low then cool setting. Stronger hair textures can tolerate medium to high temperatures.

• Flat irons are very popular and vary drastically in price, for a straight look. Some consumers choose the detachable device with exchangeable plates. Avoid over-usage. Damage of trichorrhexis nodosa, ridges and grooves, and trichoptilosis is a possibility.

• Curling irons are also very popular. Use curling irons with adjustable heat settings. A variety of metal cylinders are available, according to hair length and desired curl. Allow the curling iron to cool completely before storing it.


• Straightening tongs are smaller and more compact than regular flat irons. They are most effective on short hair and bangs. Avoid over-usage of this tool to avoid cuticle hair damage.

• Electrical round hairbrush should not be used on weak damaged hair.

• Electrical steam flat irons or wands should be avoided on fine, brittle hair textures.

• It is recommended to clean/remove product buildup on the plates of all grooming tools. This will preserve longevity. Oven cleaner works well for cleaning these tools. New grooming tools are constantly under construction, to keep up with technology. Remember, you do not need to use every new device on your hair. Just as fashion designs, come and go, hair designs also come and go…are not for everyone. Avoid damage to your precious strands by going to a trusted hair care professional, as well as the expertise of a board-certified Trichologist for a microscopic hair strand and scalp analysis. 


Dr. Linda Amerson, Board Certified Trichologist, LA’s Hair & Scalp Clinic, 817-265-8854. Our award-winning products may be purchased at

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