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Nancy Lieberman Stresses Importance of COVID Testing; Reveals Diagnosis

Story by Allana J. Barefield
Staff Writer 
Photos by Dorothy J. Gentry 

Nancy Lieberman knows the importance of getting testing for the Coronavirus.

YMCA Sign Nancy Lieberman
YMCA Sign Nancy Lieberman

The Hall-of-Famer had COVID-19 eight weeks ago and understands how easily it can spread if you’re not taking the necessary precautions like getting tested. 

“It’s better to get tested than to get grandma or grandpa or your aunts and uncles or parents sick.”


To underscore the importance of COVID testing, her Nancy Lieberman Charities offered free testing and food at the Oak Cliff YMCA to “help the kids, the families, and the Oak Cliff area.” 

The testing was sponsored by WellHealth and the food from EveryoneEatz and took place after  the unveiling of the new “Dream Court” basketball court in honor of former Texas Tech and NBA player Andre Emmett. The court is a branch of Nancy Lieberman Charities Dream Court and was donated in partnership with Toyota. Lieberman is a former WNBA player and a head coach of Power, a team in the Big3.Emmett was a star player in the Big3 when he was tragically killed outside of his home last September. 

“It seems like the right thing to do not only to open this court in Andre’s honor,” Lieberman said. “Andre would be really proud that we’re not only doing the court but feeding people and a lot of people don’t have access to COVID testing.”

Lieberman came to Dallas forty years ago, lived in Oak Cliff and understands that this area needs resources. 

“I’m not a doctor but I am someone who deeply cares about the southern sector, about the Black community, the Latino community, the Hispanic community,” she said. “We’re doing everything we can just to be good partners in life.”


Lieberman understands what it’s like to have COVID-19, and also having very little in life.

“When I was growing up, I was poor, no father, no food,” she said. “People helped me when I had nothing.”  

As she monitors the response, Lieberman said her charity may plan to possibly continue the testing and meal drive-thru service in the future. 

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