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My Truth: Your Journey is Your Journey

By Cheryl Smith

Everyone has their own journey. The task of understanding your journey is enough without trying to figure out another’s. For example, you see someone screaming and shouting at a graduation and you give them a side-eye; probably thinking they are a bit over the top and just way too much. But you don’t know what it took to get them to that point. You don’t know what obstacles they overcame to walk across that stage and who was there to support that journey. Which brings me to my truth. I read Tamecka Grate Frazier’s book last month, but it wasn’t the first time I had heard her story. Her journey is definitely one worth knowing and sharing. Veteran award-winning journalist Gary Reaves reached out to me about Tamecka 24 years ago and asked if I wanted the story. He was already covering her brutal attack for Dallas-based ABC affiliate WFAA-TV and like a good friend he gave me an opportunity that I immediately accepted.

It was a story that would be carried not only locally and regionally, but nationally and internationally. The 24-year-old began the year 1996 in a long, complicated surgery after being assaulted by her neighbor’s boyfriend, 26-year-old, Emanuel Moffert. As she was turning 25 in May, Mr. Moffert was sentenced to life in prison for attempted capital murder. He is eligible for parole review January 1, 2026; 30 years to the day of his vicious attack. When she was able, Tamecka joined me on Soul 73 KKDA-AM to talk about coming home from a New Year’s Eve affair and extending a courtesy to a man who repeatedly stabbed her with scissors before attempting to rape her. What a way to start the new year! Fortunately, the police arrived before he could complete the rape, but the pair of scissors protruding from her skull was another story. She was in surgery for 13 hours to remove the weapon that had been thrust four inches into her skull, missing her spinal cord, brain, and major blood vessels. After surgery, doctors referred to her case as a miracle. Almost 25 years later, Tamecka has released her book, Life After. She is one of a few “sources” who I have not only kept in touch with but also formed a personal relationship.

Could it have been because when someone lives through something so horrific and seemingly miraculous, maybe it made me gravitate toward her? Or maybe it was her spirit, her warm smile and positive expressions of love for life and mankind. Over the years we’ve kept in touch. I have never experienced a negative word or action from her and she has continued to evolve, living life to its fullest and shining her love on the world. Years later, she became my sorority sister, further sealing our bond. Yes, we are members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and so many our sisters, or even others who meet her, don’t even know of that part of her journey because she doesn’t wear it on her sleeve like a badge of honor or as an attempt to gain favor or pity. She moved on and life after for Tamecka Grate Frazier has been a blessing for so many. She’s enjoying life as a wife, mother, and grandmother. She’s a college graduate, corporate executive, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, philanthropist, public servant, and now, best selling author! Then too, she is a fashionista. The sister can dress! Tamecka is indeed a blessing and her strong, unwavering faith is a testament in itself. You can order her book through Amazon. Read about her journey and maybe it will inspire you to become a better person because maybe, just maybe, you might realize that your journey has not been as tough as you have made it out to be, or thought it was. Maybe you’ve got some more living and work to do. No, Tamecka doesn’t look like what she has been through. And that is the point. You just don’t know. And that’s a larger life lesson for all. Work on your own journey and stop judging others.

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