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From Marva with Love: Dr. NaRita Anderson, Ph.D.

By Marva J. Sneed

On “From Marva with Love,” we recently heard from Dr. NaRita Anderson. She has a Ph.D. in Personal Financial Planning from Kansas State University and her research focuses on risk management decision-making strategies of baby boomers in the United States. Dr. Anderson is an Assistant Professor at the University of Central Oklahoma, where she has been teaching personal finance and business principles since 2006. She was born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK, and is the mother of Sean Anderson Beals.

MS: Your research is in risk management decision-making strategies. Can you explain what that is to our listening audience?

NA: Sure, so as a baby boomer myself, risk management is a big part of things that I think about and are the things that keep me up at night. So I have been in the process of expanding my knowledge and understanding of these financial areas as I make this journey. Being a researcher allows me to look at other people’s perspectives. So when we talk about risk management, let me define risk. Risk is uncertainty or lack of predictability that may result from a loss or failure. So this idea of risk management is your organized strategy for protecting your assets and your people from the risk of loss.

MS: Risk management is different from Estate Planning. What is Estate Planning?


NA: Your estate consists of everything that you own, including your bank account, your stocks, or bonds, any real estate you have and your personal property, it is all those things collectively that make up your estate. The estate planning we typically think of is what we are going to do with our stuff. An estate plan is a plan for the use and the disposition of assets. So it’s the building of those assets, and as you build assets, you have to have a plan….

Dr. Anderson also told us what a proper estate plan is. To hear the full interview, click here. Tune in to “From Marva with Love,” Fridays from 11 am-1 pm.

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