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The Struggle Continues: Could Black Lives Matter Save the Slavery Reparations Movement?

By Thomas Muhammad

Hey, wouldn’t you just love to see President Donald Trump and his Republican regime locked up in a room forced to listen to The O’Jays song “Ship Ahoy” I bet they’d truly get our point on slavery Reparations you think? Whoaa, but wait! For full transparency we need to also add former President Barack Hussein Obama and his former Vice President Joe Biden right? You see when Obama first became president in 2008 he instructed his then- Speaker of the House, yeah Nancy Pelosi, to demand that Congressman John Conyers “to take Reparations off the table cause he didn’t want to talk about it, because it was too controversial!”

So, both darn politrick parties have been playin with us! To hell with them both on this issue! And now House Bill HR40 which Congressman Conyers pushed for more than 14 years that called for a study of slavery Reparations is now in the hands of Congresswoman Shelia Jackson-Lee of Houston. Yeah the most notorious tv camera hunter in the world second to Trump! You remember she faked a resolution approved by no one just to get on the program at the late singer Michael Jackson’s funeral! Everyone knows “The most dangerous place on Earth: is between Sheila Jackson Lee and a camera/microphone. 

But the BLM youngsters right now have the power in their hands to get the debate going big time, if they just stay in the streets! But, let’s face one pure thing right now! The original leaders that first created the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement of 2014 in the aftermath of Mike Brown’s death are NOT involved in leading this current uprising. Yeah, their slogan Black Lives Matter is being used! But this is being done basically by a number of loose youth factions that have come to life outraged at seeing the video on the killing of Brother George Floyd. The original founders had been largely marginalized during their campaign in Atlanta, Georgia 2016!

They demanded that Atlanta stop sending their police to Israel for training because the techniques proved to be extremely deadly. Officer Derek Chauvin was probably trained there as well. If he was, it will soon come to light! One thing for sure the BLM Movement as currently organized has proven they could possibly get any damn thing they wanted. Slavery Reparations should be their main goal! And no I’m not out in the streets and I ain’t coming out. I’m too damn old. Been there done that and hell yes when I did it was fun! 


But today just sitting here writing this column puts me in the mood for an energy nap. You know like when I was in Exline Center’s kindergarten we children needed a nap to recharge our batteries! 

Yeah funny, but true! The last time I participated was to show my outrage when a police officer in McKinney pushed a little sister’s face into the ground, simply because she was at a damn pool party. After walking over two miles I ran outta gas and Brother Dominique Alexander had to call me a cab! So yeah I’m old! Last night, I downloaded Santana’s Greatest Hits just to hear “Black Magic Woman!” 

I do believe that we can get the debt paid for slavery. The US should recognize the debt is growing every day. The interest alone could break America, but that debt must be paid and the payment must be now! The type of slavery practiced in America was extremely horrible and purely inhumane because for the first time in history a law was passed making a person a slave from birth to death! 

This type of slavery had never been practiced in any place in the world that you were a slave simply because of the color of skin! Since the young protesters are not in school, can’t work, got plenty of energy, and are too bored to stay in the house, they should be chanting daily, “Reparations Now!” Until then, The Struggle Continues…


Thomas Muhammad is Chairman of the National Black United Front (NBUF)-Dallas Texas Chapter

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