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From Marva with Love: Dorothy Jones of Blackjack Pizza

By Marva J. Sneed

On “From Marva with Love,” we heard from Dorothy Jones, the owner of Blackjack Pizza in Dallas, TX. With two locations, Blackjack Pizza is Black-owned and a family-owned business with a staff of family and close friends. This group works together to present an atmosphere where customers from all over the metroplex come and enjoy eating away from home. 

MS: Ms. Dorothy can you tell us a little bit more about Blackjack Pizza and why you started it? 

DJ: Well I’m going to tell you about Blackjack Pizza, We opened and we’ve been there about 30 years or more and it’s been a very great opportunity for us. Our customers just love us and we love them. And my son always wanted a pizza place and I’m keeping the dream alive. We have the best customers in the world.

MS: Being in the community, what are some of the things that Blackjack Pizza is part of? 


DJ: In the City, we are a part of the NAACP and we also have a Prayer Line in the City. We pray and at times like these we really need to pray. It’s praying time because the whole world is paralyzed. The city is opening up but I’m not going to open up for dine-in because I don’t have the room. If one somebody gets to eat there then everybody will want to eat there. We will still continue to do take out. 

MS: Tell us about the work you’ve done with Lincoln High School. 

DJ: Oh yes, we worked with Lincoln High School and sent the students to summer camp with Coach Bishop. And when they were 40-0 we gave them a huge pizza party. It was a surprise the day they came, I was really busy, but I went and got a cake that had 40-0 on it. We had the Lincoln Basketball Team on one side and my customers on the other. It worked out perfectly. There is a way to do whatever you want to do and God will bless you to do it.

Blackjack Pizza has two locations: 2536 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Dallas, TX 75215 (214) 565-1025, and 2120 N. St Augustine Suite 100 Dallas, TX 75227 (972) 329-1414. Ms. Dorothy says since COVID-19 “No More Hugs and Kisses… JUST GOOD FOOD! There was so much more to the interview with Dorothy Jones. Go here to hear the full interview.

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