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The Struggle Continues: I Ain’t No Damned Scientist, But This COVID Dude Is Not Playin’

By Thomas Muhammad

Correct, I called Coronavirus a Dude cause Brothers know Sistahs wouldn’t do this to the world! Yes, I’m clear, sometimes Sisters do try our patience. In fact, growing up in da hood, brothers in anger with a Sister, would occasionally shout out “give me back my damn rib!” That’s where the Bible said she comes from right? Father Adam gave up a rib, so we calling in our damned loan! Back to this COVID Dude, where currently with the virus thing is even hitting the wealthy, it seems; to have put them in feeling the homeless people’s pain! Fat cats standing out on street corners holding signs exclaiming “will work for food” is quickly becoming the norm as the nation’s food supply is drying up. In less than four months the virus has infected worldwide 3.1 million people with half of those cases in the US where nearly 74,000 had died.

I mean this Dude, I call an anti-social disease, is proving too tough to handle for President Donald Trump and his administration where American citizens get no help from even news sources like Fox News, as they keep harping on their blame game narrative, “it escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China!” Excuse me, but who the hell cares? Let’s just stop the damn thing, okay! I have complete faith in the professional doctors to get us through this. They’ve gone to medical schools, earned degrees, and can provide us with the best solutions if we just follow them and learn patience. But I definitely wouldn’t put any trust in a guy who is not a doctor or scientist and was convicted for illegal prescription drug use! He and I were born in the same month, same day and, yes same year 1/12/1951. I just hope it wasn’t the same hour!

Who is “he,” you ask? Okay, don’t laugh! It’s Rush Limbaugh! Yeah, Donald Trump’s bosom buddy! Now, remember you said you weren’t going to laugh! It’s been proven perfectly clear The Donald either is asleep at the switch or has no care for any life other than his, cause this dude is kicking his and, by default, America’s butt! All happening with a man who will look you straight in the eye and lie like the truth is not in him!

This COVID Dude has even shined a huge light on America’s prisons, particularly in rural areas! For decades these majority-white communities have used census data to get billions from the federal government by counting prisoners as a part of their towns. Yeah right! I hear you, that is funny, but it can be extremely deadly for prison inmates and even prison guards who live in these communities! These places have become areas where “social distancing” is completely impossible and the virus is spreading like wildfire behind prison walls and guards are likely taking it home to their families. And look at the folk Trump has put in charge like this guy Brian Harrison who used to run a small business called “Dallas Labradoodles!” Yeah, he’s from my “homey,” but he has no education in public health, management, or even medicine.


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