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Hollywood’s Movie Review: Becoming

By Michael Hernandez
Entertainment Reporter 

Becoming is a Netflix documentary by first-time director Nadia Hallgren, who follows the former first lady on her tour to 34 cities to promote her memoir, Becoming, and to connect and mentor young women on each stop along the way. The film is a sincere look at the hate speech that was spewed by racists and Fox News reporters that both she and President Obama had to deal with, and she admits that it was hurtful. However, the former first lady remained upbeat. 

Her positive attitude is infectious. She is such a contrast to the current Tweeting egomaniac who currently resides in the White House. The movie brings up her “when they go low, we go high” speech while campaigning for Hillary Clinton and shows that was not just a campaign slogan, but rather something she truly believes in her heart. 

During her cross-country tour, she looks at her family’s history and remembers how she came from slaves to become the first African American First Lady. It’s an example of never forgetting where you came from. During her book tour, she’s interviewed by famous celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King. She tells some really great stories about her family time in the White House, for example, the time she and her daughters wanted to sneak outside but were hampered by the secret service. 

The funniest one she relates is that on the family’s last night in the White House, her girls wanted to have a sleepover. The next morning, they had to scramble to get all the kids out of the house because Trump was ready to move in. Becoming is a wonderful journey about Obama’s eight years in the White House. It gives us a real insight into one of the most beloved first ladies in history. It’s rated PG and runs right at 90 minutes. 


On my “Hollywood Popcorn Scale,” I rate this movie a JUMBO!

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