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My Truth: My Truth Today May Help Someone Tomorrow

My Truth: My Truth Today May Help Someone Tomorrow

By Cheryl Smith

First, we must realize that COVID-19 is real. And while we “know” that the first “known” case was in China, we also know that there are people who had the virus and have never been diagnosed and that people are dying daily. Unfortunately, while many are assuming that common sense is common, guess what? It isn’t. Some are going to believe what others think is unimaginable. Others are going to be called fools for believing and acting on the most absurd suggestions, remedies, or directives. Today, we must err on the side of caution and life. Be safe! We are committed to bringing you information that will help you to grow and thrive but more importantly, live! 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and I submit to you we all could use some attention. You may think COVID-19 is not impacting you. BUT, you’ve got another think coming! These are challenging times. Pastor Frederick D. Haynes III, of Dallas’s Friendship-West Baptist Church, said that COVID-19 has exposed the breakages in society. He is correct in his assessment as we saw services, funds, goods, and resources continuing to go to those with the most, while the least of us go without. While we salute those on the frontlines, we must recognize there are several frontlines, along with the “essentials.” Thanks to all, including those who are giving from their hearts and own pockets to benefit others. I’ve heard it said many times before, and it doesn’t get “realer” than today: we are at war!

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