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That Celebrity Interview: Dr. Dravon James

By Valder Beebe

Charles Dickens reminds us that it is “the best of times – the worst of times.” Those seeking needed inspiration, I invited Dr. Dravon James, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Everyday Peacemaker into the Valder Beebe Show studios. She is the author of Freedom is Your Birthright!! Dr. Dravon James shares insights and tips on how to rekindle your passions to live the life of your dreams.

Dr. James asks, What happened to you? I mean what happened to YOU…not what happened to you the wife or husband or you the mom or dad or you the employee… What happened to you the dreamer, the lover, the adventurer? What was it that enticed you away from your journey and lured you to the path that you are on today? How can you rekindle the fire and get back on the path?

As a motivational speaker, Dr. James’ goal is to educate, empower, and inspire others to build the life of their dreams no matter what shows up in their lives good, bad, or otherwise. Her journey began in poverty on the South Side of Chicago. Though she had always dreamed of a career on the stage, Dravon went on to earn a doctorate in pharmacy from Creighton University and has worked as a pharmacist all her adult life. Along with her medical career and theatrical aspirations, Dravon has also always had a keen interest in personal development.

After reading Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking in college, she went on to make a lifelong study of the power we all have to create the life we want. The insight she gained from her study has served her well during good times and bad. Her marriage hit the rocks, several of her pregnancies failed, her career took a tailspin for a time, and her health has been challenged, yet through it all she has continued to follow her dreams and now teaches others to do the same.


Dravon is now the happy mother of two teenagers, a wife of 23 years, a successful pharmacist, motivational speaker, author, and an actress whose career credits include a recurring role on HBO’s acclaimed The Wire, many stage plays, and independent films. She continues to inspire and teach what she knows to be the most effective tool for transforming, creating and building a spectacular life—tapping into Everyday Peace.

–Text provided by Dr. James publicity team in coordination with Valder Beebe Show.

VBS: Dr. James how do we move ourselves forward during and after the Pandemic?

DDJ: Your task is to thrive! We are in a new space of development at this time, spend time cultivating you…

Dr. Dravon James full interview:


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