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Hollywood’s Movie Review: Extraction

By Hollywood Hernandez
Entertainment Reporter

In the Netflix original movie Extraction, Chris Hemsworth is Tyler Rake, a mercenary on the most dangerous mission of his life. He’s hired to extract the kidnapped son of an Indian crime lord who’s currently in prison. 

Rake is trying to free the young man from a corrupt and impenetrable city and to make matters worse he has nothing to live for and has a death wish while carrying out his mission. 

While the movie has the team from several Marvel Comics movies at the helm, don’t get it twisted. This film is nothing like a Marvel movie. It’s rated R and has enough blood and action for two movies. 

Extraction starts with a bloody gunfight on a bridge, where it looks like Tyler, who has a death wish, may get his wish to end his life, and then it takes us back four days for the start of the story. 


The movie begins with a well-to-do private school kid whose father, a crime lord, is being punished by a rival faction by kidnapping his son. This is where Hemsworth steps in to save the kid and in the process, the two become friends.

The action and bloody violence scenes will make you wince, but a non-stop 11-minute fight scene will keep you thoroughly entertained. Such a long cut live fight scene is rare so watch closely this bit of movie magic.Surprisingly, even with all the hard-core graphic killing going on, Extraction is a smart movie that will keep you guessing until the end (will Tyler Rake survive?). The R-rated movie has a run time of 1 Hour and 56 minutes and on my “Hollywood Popcorn Scale,” I rate Extraction a LARGE. 

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