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COVID-19 News

Metrocare Offers Mental Health Support Line for Area Residents

Metrocare announced the installment of a countywide dedicated phone line for residents who need to speak with a mental health professional due to struggles related to coronavirus (COVID-19). The resource line is the Agency’s latest effort to help the community’s state of health and wellness during the current crisis.

Dallas County residents experiencing anxiety, fear and/or depression because of the rapid succession of changes to their daily lives can call 214-743-1215 during business hours Monday through Friday. Metrocare professionals will be available to assist individuals in accessing mental health services and provide referrals for other resources that may be needed.

“In a crisis of this magnitude, we absolutely must protect and guard every aspect of our personal health, which certainly includes our mental wellbeing,” said Dr. John W. Burruss, CEO of Metrocare. “Our skilled experts can provide assistance to those who are understandably concerned or upset.” The purpose of the phone line is two-fold: to broaden support for anyone in the County who needs it and to highlight and expand quicker access to telehealth for those in need to get help without coming into a clinic.

“As we began to see these events unfold and our numbers increase dramatically in our clinics, our team recognized the need to expand our care to reach all those who are suffering emotionally,” said Burruss. “Everyone is doing their part, and I am proud of how we have risen to the challenge of adapting our services for the community,” Burruss called the new support line and telehealth initiative unprecedented, but necessary.

“With all of the resources at our disposal, including the ability to provide broader access to services through telehealth,” said Burruss, “I realized, if we don’t help, who will? Who else can do this important work? “As we do day in and day out, we stand ready to help those in our community who may be experiencing significant mental health needs.”


The Metrocare resource line is: 214-743-1215 for Dallas County residents.

Additional resources are provided at

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