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About Your Hair: Boys And The Barbershop

By Dr. Linda Amerson

The first haircut experience a boy receives at the barbershop does not have to be traumatic. The male or female professional barber should show patience. Otherwise, the already fearful child may cry, move their heads, or fidget. As a result, many barbers may ask the parent to hold the child’s head, to ensure an even haircut.

Many parents are advised to wait until their child is two-years-old before their first haircut. Considering human anatomy, there is a reason for this recommendation. When a child is born, the scalp is not 100% formed. The crown of the head is an area known as the “fontanelle,” also known as the soft spot. This soft spot will take one year or longer to completely form.

Parents are advised it is dangerous to press on this soft spot. Parents can still shampoo their child’s scalp, please use caution…use fingertips, or the palm of hands, never use fingernails.

Cradle cap, infantile seborrhea dermatitis, is a very common concern of mothers. Cradle cap is the natural secretion of an infant’s scalp, which has congealed together…usually a yellowish-brown color. It may appear several weeks after birth, with the degree of severity differs from each child. In addition, milk sensitivity could be another villain.


A baby not given the right milk, therefore being sensitive to the wrong milk may also produce abnormal scalp secretions. Consult with your pediatrician. Sometimes by changing the kind of milk, your baby drinking can help alleviate cradle cap.

Put simply, shampoo your baby’s scalp, moisturize it if necessary, comb and brush his hair.

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