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Digital Interactive Wall Multi-Media Project to Preserve Legacy of African American Educators

By Sylvia Dunnavant Hines

Honorary Chairs: Carol and  Royce West
Honorary Chairs: Carol and Royce West

If there is any time when the significance of educational leaders should be amplified and supported, it has to be now and that is just the message coming from the African American Education Archives and History Program (AAEAHP).

“Preserving our history is especially important so that contemporary society can study the lessons learned through the struggles and triumphs of the African American educators, students, and the community,” said Dr. Alfred L. Roberts, Sr. “The installation of the digital interactive wall is vital to this effort.”

The AAEAHP Board and Charter Members recently announced the launch of the Digital Interactive Wall Multi-Media Fundraising Campaign to preserve the history and legacy of African American educators. With the support of Honorary Chairs Senator Royce and Carol West, organizers hope that others will join in recognizing the impact educators have on building a better community, country and world.

The Digital Interactive Wall Project (DIWP), to be housed at the African American Museum, will use high technology systems to bring alive the history and contributions of Dallas County’s African American educators and education patrons.


Maps, artifacts, video and voice recordings, holograms and more will come alive to tell the unique stories of the titans who laid the foundation of education in Dallas County.

Ultimately, “The Wall” will be a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate learning environment designed to immerse all museum visitors in this rich history.

Since 2002 this 501(c)3 organization, AAEAHP, has elevated the significant contributions of African American Educational Leaders in Dallas County by collecting, preserving, recognizing, teaching, and learning from outstanding individuals, supporting students with scholarships, and mentoring young educators.

With the Digital Interactive Wall Multi-media Campaign, organizers hope to raise $250,000 (of which $50,000 has been donated by Charter Members) to create a Wall that will be a blueprint for other profes- sions and institutions.

“This means we need the support of the community,” said one organizer. “Your support will be key to ensuring the AAEAHP will keep the African American educational experiences in Dallas County alive for generations to come, so please consider donating in support of this history-making endeavor.”


Further, organizers say donors’ names and the names of their organizations will appear on the donor list on the Project’s website and to the donor list on the Digital Interactive Wall Multi-Media Board, after installation at the African American Museum.

For additional information on how to contribute, contact one of the charter members; Dr. Alfred L. Roberts, Sr., President, AAEAHP, 214- 478-7228; or visit the website:

Digital Interactive

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