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From Marva with Love: Minister Vandra Noel

From Marva with Love: Minister Vandra Noel

By Marva Sneed
Staff Writer

On From Marva with Love, I interviewed Minister Vandra Noel; she is a woman wearing many hats! Minister Noel says, “I am blessed to be married to my best friend, Michael Noel.” They have three awesome children and a handsome grandson. She a minister at Ambassadors Today Church, under the leadership of Dr. Regina Spellmon. Minister Noel has been preaching for eight years. She is her mother’s caregiver, as well as her husband’s. 

She just finished her caregiving assignment for her aunt, who was called home to Glory to be with God on October 29, 2019. Minister Noel has authored three books and co-authored one. She has been a hairstylist for 27 years and owns Shear Ambiance Salon. Caregiving has become her new normal and she says “I don’t take this journey for granted.”

MS: Tell us about the many hats that you wear?

VN: First of all, I am a woman of God, I am a wife, I am a mom, I am a daughter, I am a sister, I am a salon owner, I am an entrepreneur. I wear many hats. I am an author and I just love people; so I just try to juggle, and I’m doing pretty good by the grace of God.

MS: Which are you most passionate about?

VN: I would say if I had to put it just in one big glob, it would just be the love of people because it’s what I do as a caregiver, it’s what I do as a hairstylist and it’s what I do as a wife. It’s the love I have for other people. I don’t know another way to be. So I think that is my greatest passion to be able to love people because I know what it’s like to be unloved.

MS: You said that you know what it’s like to be unloved. Is this before you found the love of your life, your husband?

VN: Right because this is my second marriage. I was married before; I was with my first husband for 20 years. And then, I got remarried to my new husband, and we’ve been married for going on eight years.

People treat you the way you allow them to treat you. Even in my caregiving assignment, I had to learn that somedays the people I care for can be snappy they can be rude and do things to hurt my feelings, but I don’t think that it is intentional because they are sick. Some people do things intentionally because they are sick they don’t love themselves. So I love myself. I’m not going to love you, so abuse starts, whether it’s emotional, mental, verbal or whatever.

Minister Noel is now the caregiver for her mother, who is the survivor of three different cancers, and her husband, who has sickle cell. When he is in crisis, she goes into caregiver mode instead of being the wife. She says “I am grateful God chose me because this is not for those who are faint at heart.”

For more of the interview with Minister Noel go to and click on From Marva with Love. You can follow Minister Vandra Noel on FB, IG and get her books on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.

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