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That Celebrity Interview: MTV’s Teen Mom Young + Pregnant’s Ashley Jones

By Valder Beebe
Texas Metro News Columnist

I adore my job! Talking to Millennials (born 1981-1996), Gen X (born 1965-1980) and my favorite Baby Boomers (born 1944-1964) and the Silent Generation (born 1925-1942). Everyone’s favorite MTV Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant girls–Ashley, Brianna and Kayla–are back for season 2 as they navigate the new challenges of motherhood.

This season, they are joined by two new moms-to-be, Kiaya and Rachel, who are just starting out on their journey. Invited into the Valder Beebe Show studios Ashley Jones, (22). Ashley’s tumultuous relationship with Bar, her daughter Holly’s father, has had a lot of highs and lows, but his ongoing lack of motivation has Ashley at her breaking point.

As she shifts her focus to school, she decides to end things with Bar and work on their co-parenting, but when Ashley starts hanging out with Chicago rapper 600Breezy, Bar is not happy. –Text provided by Ashley’s publicist

VBS: Ashley’s in the Valder Beebe Show is here to bring us up on Teen Mom Young + Pregnant. Ashley what can you enlighten my audience about MTV’s Teen Mom?


AJ: There’s a lot of good stuff coming up and some interesting stories.

VBS: Tell us about your story, it promoted as tumultuous. What does that mean to you?

AJ: I do have a lot of moving parts in my life. My child’s father and I are trying to figure it out. My family and I are trying to figure it out. This season the viewers will see a lot of growth in my story.

VBS: When you say “trying to figure it out?” What does trying to figure it out mean? I am going to assume that you have had your child. Mothers usually have or have a plan for a platform to work from. So what does figure it out mean?

AJ: Ideally I would have had my cards in order before having a child. I think life has a funny way of making its only decision. I think parenting is just an everyday decision that you learn to make.


VBS: On the show, Teen Mom, will we see your parents involved in your life and the life of their grandchild?

AJ: Yes. My parents are a big part of my support system.

VBS: You say you have gained self-confidence. What have you learned from your very public journey of life? What can my audience learn from your journey?

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