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From Marva with Love: Linda Lee

By Marva Sneed
Editorial Assistant

On From Marva with Love, I interviewed Visionary Linda D. Lee, the CEO and founder of LL Media Group, LLC, a personal development consultancy. She is a Professional Certified Life Coach (PCLC), Certified Christian Mentor (CCM), international speaker, multi award-winning author, and a voice for the voiceless. She humbly teaches women how to build healthy relationships with positive competencies, sustainability plans while equipping the next generation in alternative rite of passage ceremonies.

Mrs. Lee said she truly believes every woman has a voice that needs to be heard. Mrs. Lee begins with her story By His Stripes Anthology, a caregiver story.

MS: Can you give us a little background about being a caregiver?

LL: I want to share as you stated and bring awareness to caregiving from a different perspective. My story “In Bed with a Snake Anthology,” deals with caregiving and also access denied. So I’m coming from this perspective, I was pregnant and I was denied access to health care many years ago. But then I also experienced my ex-husband being denied health care on his deathbed. So I want to bring awareness from the perspective to help others understand that they have a right to medical care.


MS: What Happened?

LL: What happened in my story “In Bed with a Snake Anthology.” I was pregnant. I was having symptoms that caused me to be alarmed. I approached my doctor after I had been to appointment a week before and we found that I was leaking fluid around the baby and he didn’t feel that there was a reason to be alarmed. With any situation with your body causes you to panic.

I tried to stay calm but each day it seemed like more fluid was leaking from around the baby. To fast forward I went to work. I worked at a subsidiary of The Dallas Morning News. I felt the fluid leaking and called my doctor. He agreed to see me and he still didn’t see any reason for alarm. Again I was denied access to care. I went home I was in bed and I felt ill I knew there was something wrong with my body. That’s the question that I ask people all the time Have you ever been denied medical care?

From a caregiver’s perspective, the one that gives care and even the one that needs care. We all have to be aware that people’s needs have to be met at a specific time. And at that I needed emergency care. My doctor didn’t think that I did. My pregnancy was early and he wouldn’t send me to the doctor for care.

I timed my pain and I was in labor and no one would receive that I was in labor. My husband didn’t believe I was in labor, the doctor didn’t believe I was in labor. I called the doctor again and asked him to send me to the emergency room? Back then you had to have approval from your doctor to go to the emergency room.


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