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Hollywood Henderson Live: Good Boys Review

Director Gene Stupnitsky, who also directed the TV show The Office, takes his shot at directing an R-rated comedy with the movie Good Boys. He’s created a very adult and raunchy comedy that is also sidesplittingly funny.

The movie is about three sixth-grade boys who have been invited to their first boy-girl party where there will be kissing. However, none of the boys have ever kissed a girl before, so they go on a discovery trip to learn about what kissing a girl is all about.

The three boys get involved with and don’t have a clue about sex toys, internet porn, and drinking beer. It’s a coming-of-age film for the three boys and while it’s so vulgar I was embarrassed, it’s so filled with laughs that, if you are not totally offended, it will keep you laughing for the entire movie.

The three boys all have personal issues that they try and keep to themselves. One boy’s parents are going through a divorce, another wants to be a singer but he’s afraid of the teasing he’ll get from his classmates, and finally, the third of the boys are seriously involved in romance and he is driven to learn about the physical aspects involved in the kissing game.

The three young actors are Jacob Trembly as Max, Keith L. Williams as Lucas, and Brady Noon as Thor. Together, they play their roles with innocence, but together, they are about as raunchy, even while being unaware, as you’ve ever seen.


The movie is rated R for some very crude sexual content (do not take young kids to this movie). It has a run time of 1 hour and 29 minutes. I laughed for the entire movie. On my “Hollywood Popcorn Scale,” Good Boys rates a LARGE.

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