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From Marva with Love: Interview with Clifton Sneed

By Marva Sneed
Texas Metro News Writer

On From Marva with Love, I interviewed Clifton Sneed owner of The Trade Group a private placement organization designed to help their members achieve financial independence in one year through their Forex trading platform managed account. Mr. Sneed says forex is the most powerful financial platform in the world trading 5 to 6 trillion dollars daily. Becoming a member of The Trade Group will provide you money to invest in forex. The Trade Group will setup a home-based business that can make you a six figure income. You will learn strategies and have a home-based business as a member of The Trade Group.

Clifton Sneed

MS: Mr. Sneed what is a private placement organization?

CS: A private placement organization is a company that requires you to be invited into a private placement it is not like a regular business to become a member.

MS: How would you be invited to the Trade Group?


CS: We have Trade Managers all over the Country and not just in the U.S. We have Trade Managers in Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, China and others. The Trade Managers invest in forex which we have the number one forex trading platform, they would invite you to be a member. As a member you would not have to do the trading we will do that for you.

MS: We have heard of forex before and I know what the stock exchange is, but what is forex trading?

CS: Forex Trading is the trading of currency. It has nothing to do with stocks, mutual funds or bonds.

MS: How will we make money if forex trading?

CS: Our goal is to make you a Forex millionaire in four to five years, trading your Forex account. Once you become a member of The Trade Group, you will receive your Forex portal. Your portal will educate you on Forex trading. You will learn how you will become a millionaire in a very short time. However, our professional Forex traders will trade your account. You will never have to place a trade.

To learn more about forex trading and becoming a member of the Trade group contact Mr. Clifton Sneed at 214-815-4428.


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