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That Celebrity Interview with Jackie Christie

By Valder Beebe

Season 8 of the Drama-Filled VH1 Series Basketball Wives won’t disappoint. The Valder Beebe Show catches up with popular star of the show, Jackie Christie. Christie is also a fashion designer, author of six popular books: Sexual Relations, No Ordinary Love, Woman, Proud to be a Colored Girl, Luv Pons, and And In The Land of Sex & Money. A devoted philanthropist, Christie prides herself on being a high achiever. She is also the wife of retired NBA Star Doug Christie.

In the new season, the ladies are tested like never before while balancing life’s unexpected turns, career endeavors and strained relationships. The 16-episode installment welcomes back series veterans and a fresh newcomer to the group. Jackie is experiencing empty nest syndrome as she prepares for her son to go off to college. Newcomer Feby Torres is tired of being associated with her famous ex and is determined to make a new name for her, even if that means making enemies. – Text is provided by Jackie Christie’s publicist.

Basketball Wives star Jackie Christie

VB: Jackie Christie what can we look forward to season 8 of VH1’s Basketball Wives?

JC: The audience can look forward to more Jackie Christie in a very surprising, explosive and intense way. I feel like season 8 is going to be our biggest season yet.


VB: You say explosive? What viewers seem to think of you, you are views as very normal, calm and successful, also happy, being married to retired NBA star, Doug Christie.

JC: When I say explosive, I’m speaking of being very passionate. I won’t give away the show everyone tune in to the new season of VH1’s Basketball Wives.

VB: I’m going to take this post direct from Facebook for you Jackie. I have a nagging question…..are there really “Hoochies” that plague NBA players (not my words, just from Facebook).

JC: I would say yes, there are loose women who carry themselves loose around the life of basketball and the players. These women go to the extremes at times, the culture is there.


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