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EBJ: A Life of Service

By Arise & Rejoice
News Service

President Clinton and Obama. Rep. Barbara Jordan
Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson has worked with Presidents Clinton and Obama. Rep. Barbara Jordan was one of her role models.

Texas Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson has helped to shape the legislative and policy history of Texas and the United States, according to those who have studied her life as an elected official.

The first registered nurse to serve in the Halls of Congress, Representative Johnson recently announced that she would retire from the U.S. House of Representatives at the conclusion of the current term.

“Congresswoman Johnson has played a pivotal role in the life of our state, and in life of our nation,” said Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot.

“Her legislative achievements and her relentless dedication to her constituents has inspired all of those who seek the support of voters.”


Representative Johnson’s legislative achievements rival those of any member who has ever served Texas in the House of Representatives.

She was a crucial proponent of the Affordable Care Act, the signature legislative achievement of former President Barack Obama.

Her legislative achievements in the areas of science, fair housing, technology, women’s rights, infra- structure, education and climate are a testament to her seriousness as a member of Congress, said Reverend Tommie Jackson, a Connecticut pastor and one of the nation’s leading political thinkers.

“Her mark on the fabric of our nation is substantial,” Reverend Jackson said.

“Indeed, our country is a better place because of Representative Johnson’s visionary and selfless service,” Reverend Jackson said.


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