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That Celebrity Interview with WEtv Hustle & Soul’s Chef Lawrence Page

By Valder Beebe

It’s summer and in Texas, that means lots of BBQ and outdoor entertaining. Summer is the perfect time to update your outdoor space and invite family and friends to help create memories for a lifetime. Why not make this summer, family reunion time and put more purpose in our outdoor entertaining. You can invite relatives from near and far. Gather the clan, young and old and create memories that will strengthen bonds, mend relationships and increase your family’s net worth by being a “stronger unit.”

WEtv’s hit series Hustle & Soul follows Chef Lawrence Page as he tries to expand his brand nationwide. Chef Page is the renowned owner & driving force behind the iconic Pink Teacup in Brooklyn, NY, which has been serving up mouth-watering soul food since 1954. On the docu-series Hustle & Soul, love triangles and staff drama threaten to destroy his dreams. Chef Page discusses with me what’s in store for season three as he tries to open up new locations in Miami’s South Beach and Atlanta while trying to attract a celebrity clientele, Some of the staff turmoil and relationship drama that may throw a wrench in his plans, and some of his favorite dishes for anyone wishing to add a little soul to their weekend party or barbecue.

This season, Chef Lawrence endeavors to open a new restaurant in Miami’s South Beach where he hopes to lure celebrity clientele while overseeing a brand new staff. Meanwhile, his fiancée and restaurant partner, Ana Lavender, has been tasked with overseeing the launch of a new Atlanta location. Back in Brooklyn, floor manager Thandi is running the original Pink Tea Cup restaurant…but are she and Lawrence keeping secrets about their relationship? When lines are crossed and alliances are formed, can Lawrence keep control of his staff and gain his coveted celebrity-chef status…or will he lose everything? (Text provided by Chef Lawrence’s publicist.)

VBS: Chef Page, congratulations on Hustle & Soul the docu-series on WEtv. They’ve spiced up the series and added you for a little eye candy. Now, catch my audience up on the new season.


CL: You’re going to see all of these women working in my restaurant. Lots of catfights. I’ve got my child’s mother as a partner and constant battles with all of the women. But the series is more. It is exhibiting to African Americans in real time about owning a business and being successful.

VBS: You have two locations Brooklyn and Miami with an allfemale
millennials staff. That makes for good WEtv.

CL: It’s a lot!

VBS: What are you serving up in the kitchens?

CL: We’ve got two locations yes, Brooklyn & Miami. Hustle & Soul is shot in South Beach. For Miami, I add lots of spice. In Miami, we’re doing a stuffed lobster. In Brooklyn, we’re still doing a traditional southern menu; greens, mac and cheese, blackened catfish with peppercorn.


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