MY TRUTH: People get ready!

People Get Ready

Talk about having a funky good time!

Last week I attended the inaugural Arlington Showdown, where the Southern Jaguars and the Texas Southern Tigers took to the Gridiron. I just love it when I see folks out supporting HBCUs be- cause I love all HBCUs.

It was great talking with the new president of TSU, Dr. Lesia Crumpton-Young, along with alumni and friends from TSU and the Thurgood Mar- shall Law School.

Then about around the third quarter of the game, I went over to see what Southern University fans were up to.

Everyone knows that Southern University has one of the strongest fan bases of HBCUs and they didn’t disappoint us.

Which brings me to my truth.

While I really didn’t have a cat in that fight (pun intended); I did have a preference. I felt the Southern University fans deserved to take a victory home back to Louisiana, because they really showed love by showing up and supporting their school, regardless of the outcome — Southern fans are present and accounted for!

I am sure that TSU had alums and supporters to come from across the country just like Southern did, but I tell you, Southern folks came strong — they deserved a win.

Some might say that the last call was debatable; however, that game is Black History.

I have a few tips for alums who are not supporting their schools. And yes there are more ways to support than attending a football game; however, support is support.

HBCU alums (and especially those within a 300 mile radius of the State Fair and Arlington Showdown Classics)

  • Start saving two dollars a week — then you can buy tickets for two to least one game (anything over, donate it, or put toward your alumni dues
  • Even if you only attended one semester, join the alumni association
  • If you feel compelled to ask for donated tickets, make an outright donation to the school
  • If you can, buy tickets for some high school students
  • Get your company/corporation to sign on as a corporate sponsor
  • When you purchase tickets from Williams Chicken, at least get a two piece and a pepper or some corn fritters
  • Support the vendors who purchase booths and travel annually to these classics
  • Attend the games even if your teams are not playing!
  • Support Black-owned businesses
  • Support those businesses that support HBCUs
  • Call out the hotels and businesses that practice price gouging


Go out, have a good time, be safe and start the process all over again!

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