That Celebrity Interview: Putting Christ In Christmas

By Valder Beebe

The year is winding down and Christmas of 2020, looks a lot different for many reasons. Christmases past, we would be rushing into the stores, getting gifts for us, family and for those we just felt guilty about not getting a gift. Many of us extended beyond what we could afford. Others took help from agencies and organizations to get toys and gifts they could not afford, others used their savings to have a merry Christmas. Then there are others who spend as much money as they desire because their lives are rich beyond belief and they buy luxury cars, homes, jewelry and things most of us can only dream of for Christmas.

Then comes COVID-19, changing the face of Christmas from family gatherings, hot chocolate, gift giving (no matter what your budget) to making decisions: should I travel to celebrate with my family, my parents are older and don’t want to spread the virus, and many more reasons. COVID-19 if we can look at it, has put into perspective what is important. When you cannot buy gifts, celebrate with those you love due to caution, respect or fear, we are forced to ask, what is Christmas really about?

Each person will define Christmas for themselves but let me lead off. Christmas to me and my husband will be about Gratitude. We are so grateful that God has spared our lives, the lives of our family, friends and church family. We are grateful that people in our community were not impacted by COVID or survived the impact of COVID. We are grateful vaccines are becoming available to America and the world. This Christmas, we have matched our gifts with our beliefs. I did not spend time, money and energy on many gifts, instead I spent time during quarantine collecting silver photo frames and framing photos of our children’s childhoods (now, all have their own families), photos of family and friends, we will share as Christmas gifts.

At our home, we get the message that we are not in charge of anything, GOD is in control. God is protecting us no matter what the outcome of the plague (we have had multiple family members stricken with COVID). We are Grateful, we get the message and we have put CHRIST back in our Christmas. We see the real meaning of celebrating the birth of Jesus in his humbled state of his circumstances, being born in a stable to poor descendants of King David. We have much to be Grateful for: our oldest will be married in December, and he and his new bride are nourishing a new baby to be born in 2021. Our granddaughter is expected to have her second child close to my birthday. Our second son is living a wonderful life with his wife and son.

Youngest son is getting recognition for his musical talents. Our family’s baby girl was just promoted to Vice President and now nicknamed Madame Vice President. We have many other accomplishments to celebrate as our oldest granddaughter just received her Master’s degree and our grandson is working toward his Bachelor’s degree. James and I are ooooh! so grateful to the blessings God has bestowed upon our family. May you look for God’s blessings Christmas 2020 and beyond.

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