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How to Celebrate Thanksgiving During COVID-19

2020 Is an unprecedented year and we do not have a traditional roadmap. Those whose lives are not governed by what’s happening now know that time is precious. Thanksgiving 2020 will only happen once and there are ways to celebrate and be thankful.

To share from my personal journey, our Beebe Clan will have our first Thanksgiving To-Go. We believe in science, we are aware: COVID CASES IN TEXAS ARE ON THE RISE. We are protecting our family that consists of seniors, Baby Boomers, Millennials, Gen X, and Gen Y. All members of our family since the pandemic began are encouraged to travel for only essential work and personal needs, wear a mask, wash hands with sanitizer, and social distance. 

Thanksgiving 2020 we have such a mixture of essential ages in our family, meaning those who could be A-symptomatic, pregnant, young children and vulnerable adults. We are committed to safety for all. Our Thanksgiving-To-Go is about love. My daughter and I will coordinate the celebration. The day before we will pick up prepared dishes from family members who want to contribute as they do each year with their “favorite dish,” then prepare all food in to-go containers right before individually scheduled pick-up on Thanksgiving day. Family members will make a reservation time to pick up Thanksgiving dinner. My husband will coordinate curbside pick-up. This is truly a family Thanksgiving.

We’re sharing a few ideas as life, holidays and celebrations come only once a year. This first holiday celebration done safely, with precautions that have been given by the CDC, we can successfully show love to our family during this pandemic. You simply determine what is safe and doable for your family. We are all aware that the traditional Thanksgiving is not a safe option in 2020 (why risk spreading COVID-19?). 

Here are a few other ideas for 2020 Thanksgiving celebrations. Throw a Thanksgiving picnic or backyard bash for close relatives. Everyone wears a mask, physical social distance and uses hand sanitizer. A no-cook idea; in advance, order Thanksgiving To Go from a favorite restaurant. Make a list of what you will be ordering, then go on line to coordinate. Many sites may have discounts and coupons for the holidays. 

If you do not want to cook but want to give back to others, the holidays are a time of giving, volunteer pre-thanksgiving at a church or local food bank. Food Bank’s in advance prepare specific boxes of foods with volunteers loading the prepared Thanksgiving dinner items into the client’s car. This is a low impact way to volunteer.

CDC Thanksgiving guidelines amid COVID-19 pandemic

  • Having a small dinner with only the people who live in your household
  • Having a virtual dinner and sharing recipes with friends and family
  • Watching sports events, parades, and movies from home

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