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From Marva With Love: Wesley Catholic from Royal’s Fried Chicken and Seafood

From Marva With Love: Wesley Catholic from Royal’s Fried Chicken and Seafood

By Marva J. Sneed

On “From Marva with Love,” we heard from Wesley Catholic, the owner of Royal’s Fried Chicken and Seafood in Cedar Hill, TX. Black-owned, it is one of the busiest fried chicken restaurants in southern Dallas County. He has a special seasoning. Call ahead so the wait won’t be long. Mr. Wesley said, ”We are open for carryout. We care about our customers, first responders, and our community and we thank you for your business during this difficult time.

MS: Royal’s Fried Chicken has the best taste and great value. How long have you been in Cedar Hill? 

WC: I moved here in 1995 and started the business back in 2013 and it has been a great experience. The chicken business is really tough just like any other business. 

MS: Is this your only restaurant? 

WC: No, about 12 months ago I opened up another location at 4311W. Pipeline, Euless. It’s doing really well. I’m proud of my employees that work for me. I’m excited and I’m even thinking about opening a third one. If you’re in the Euless area or Cedar Hill you can call 214-859-3472 and we will get you fixed right up.

MS: You are responding to the front line workers, how are you assisting them? 

WC: First and foremost I want to tell them that they are special and in most cases, we do feed the police department and fire department and always I believe in giving a discount because these guys have worked hard whether it’s nurses or doctors and the politicians are doing the best they can, but they are fighting a disease that nobody can see. I do the best that I can do. I let the first responders know that they can come by and get 50% off of their meal.

Royal’s Fried Chicken gives back to the community. His weekly specials are great Monday-Thursday. He says he runs out of chicken and he really appreciates his customers. The catfish steaks are the best, seasoned to perfection. Go by both locations 140 S. Clark Rd, Cedar Hill, Texas, and 4311 W. Pipeline Euless, Texas, the number to call is 214-859-3472.

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