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My Truth: Can’t expect others to love you and you don’t love yourself!

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Maybe it is the times we’re living in, dealing with COVID-19, social injustices, social distancing, isolation, uncertainty, pain, suffering, racism and the inability to do what you want to, when you want to. You know, like a Ball of Confusion, as the Temptations sang.

Freedom and free will have fallen by the wayside, in hopes, for some, of surviving another day.

For those reasons, and others; I actually find myself spending more time than I care to admit, wondering why there is so much hatred in the world and where can I go to find that peace, somewhere where people realize that our time is so short on this earth so why do we spend so much time with the people, focused on things or carrying out acts that are really not worth the time of day? Why is the hate so strong?

Which brings me to my truth.

If you are not Black, you might be a little turned off if you read further. And, if you are Black, heck the way some of you are acting, you may feel like I need to be taught a lesson or two.

These nine words to the wise, I hope will be sufficient: Don’t come for me unless I send for you!

With that said, a deep conversation between friends focused on hatred. This was not a mixed company group and during the discussion someone said there is so much hatred for Black people, that every other ethnic group held us in such low regard and had little if any respect for Black people.

Now if this is the world we live in, where my skin color continues to be the determining factor when people are choosing whether or not to like, respect, treat me fairly, or let me exist; well I
have a question for Black people.

First, when we review the results of the 2020 Census, as flawed as they may be, we’re going to find some shifts in populations. If so many “others,” do not like Black people, do not support Black businesses and institutions, don’t want to hire or provide opportunities to Black people, then what chance do we stand if Black people act just like the “others” and don’t have any love for Black people?

It doesn’t take 30 seconds for something negative to come out of the mouths of some folks, especially since they have social media to hide behind.

If you don’t love your own, how can you expect others will? Folks see how you treat your own, which speaks volumes about who you are. You aren’t better because you are the biggest critic, showing you can be “fair.” Actually you are worse than the person who enslaved Africans.

You see, it should be harder to hurt what is a reflection of what you see in the mirror. But that’s not the case!

If you truly want progress, it needs to begin in your heart. Love who you are. Embrace your blackness and help others along the way. For you to constantly tear down your own is the second most egregious act ever perpetuated against mankind because you don’t have to worry about anyone else bringing your people to a point of distinction.

No one really needs to worry about where we will be 50 years from now, because self-hatred makes us contribute to our own demise.

We need a pledge to stop the violence we are perpetrating against one another. Try uplifting over tearing down. Try building over destroying.

Try giving over always taking. Let your tongue be used more for good than evil. Fall in love with yourself and you will be so much closer to making this world a better place.

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