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Cheryl's World

My Truth: The ‘Walk’ Looks A Bit Different Today

Texas Metro News publisher Cheryl Smith shares this week’s ‘truth.’

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We’re rapidly approaching a special time. Well, it was supposed to be, for the class of 2021. COVID-19, however; has changed everything and there are some very unhappy and disappointed people.

Just imagine, all your young life you have heard about this wonderful time. I can remember being told, “your senior year is going to be the best year of your life.” I was also told that I was going to look back on that time and cherish the memories of prom, graduation, parties and saying goodbye to teachers, coaches and friends; some I’d probably never see again.

Which brings me to my truth.

I’ve heard a similar spiel about other key times in my life: Going away to college; pledging Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; obtaining the first, then the second college degree; purchasing my first car, then house; and, so on. Yes, those were monumental times in my life and there have been many more. Everyone’s journey is different and just like grieving; we have to let everyone do it in their own way. We may not have all of the backstory of what went into getting to a point. Then too, we each handle situations differently.

Recently, a young man asked me if I had ever experienced anything like what we are going through now. Clearly, I look older than I thought! I explained to him that while there have been some catastrophic times in my life; there has been nothing compared to 2020. I also told him about times when I thought things were worse than they actually turned out to be, but I made it. I also listened to those with more knowledge.

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News flash: You don’t know everything and while everyone you talk to doesn’t either, less talk and more listening can be beautiful, enlightening and empowering. Arm yourself with knowledge and don’t take the position that people owe you something because you are here. I think the Staple Singers made that line famous!

Class of 2021, I know it is tough. I wish you the best and it is my hope that everything you have had to deal with surrounding COVID-19 will be the biggest disappointment or pain you experience in your entire life. Use that education you received. Do your own research. Check your sources. And just as it has been said, especially during times like these, tough times don’t last forever. In the meantime, let your “walk” be with grace, honesty, love, justice, compassion, wisdom, faith, and integrity.

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